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Pay your fair share & not a penny more

Paying Tax Isn't A Bad Thing...

Paying Too Much Is.

Paying tax means your business is profitable and making money, which is great! But it's important that you structure and setup your finances the smart way to ensure that you're not paying anything more than your fair share. This is where we come in.

We help trade business owners all throughout Australia to reduce their tax bill by working hard to develop a strategically tailored tax plan for them that legally eliminates excess tax that they should not need to pay – and we can do the same for you. Because in the game of business, it’s not only how much you make that matters, it's also how much you keep!

Chartered Accountants delivering massive value.

Reduce Your Taxes

Pay your fair share and not a penny more while making tax time a seamless breeze.

Boost Your Profit

Boost your profit and get more cash in the bank to start making the money you deserve.

Proactive Tax Planning

Reduce your tax obligations with proactive tax planning and forward thinking tax advice.

Tax Preparation

Rest easy knowing everything is handled and all your tax obligations are under control.

Fixed Monthly Fees

With our fixed monthly fee model, you will know what your bill will be before you open it.

Unlimited Access

You will never be left in the dark with your taxes. When you call or email, your advisor will answer. 

Feel Confident

We work behind the scenes with you to ensure that your business’ future is secure.

Enjoy Your Business

Stop stressing about your finances and taxes, and start enjoying your business.

Feel confident in your tax position.

We know that the large majority of trade business owners have little confidence in their tax position or how their day-to-day decisions and purchases actually impacts how much tax they'll have to pay. That's why at TBA, we not only work to reduce your taxes, but also to provide you with knowledge and transparency around the taxes you do have to pay, so you can go out and run your business confidently, without having to worry about tax or any other nasty surprises at the end of the financial year.

Trades that we work with:














Cabinet Makers


We care about your business.

Trade businesses are the backbone of our nation. But when it comes to proactive tax management and planning, they’ve been left behind. That's why to us, accounting and bookkeeping isn’t just about the numbers. This is people’s lives, and we damn well care about them. When you reach your goals, we reach ours, your success is our success. Talk to a team of financial and tax specialists, who care about your business and your success, today.


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