Our Story Starts First With Serving You.

There is one fundamental truth at the heart of everything we do at TBA: nothing we do is about us, it’s about you. The services we provide only matter because they make your company more secure and help you increase profits and growth.

We’ll arm you with the data and advice to drive forward.

Despite there being many great accountants, the traditional accounting model is outdated and sadly, most firms are only really interested in filing tax returns and speaking once or twice a year – NOT providing the value that business owners turning over $1M really need.

You need a team that works proactively to help you run a better business and actually earn more money, rather than meeting come tax time to just outline ‘how you went’ when it’s already too late.

It’s our mission to provide YOU with expert guidance all year round, delivering real value, and providing a better service that goes beyond a tax return at the end of the year. Because with the right knowledge and support, you can grow more quickly, increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase profits.

Break free from the status quo.

It’s easy to get stuck. Many trade business owners have so many things on their plate that there is often little time or energy to figure out how to move forward. So, you settle in a pattern of accepting a less-than-ideal state of your business. And unfortunately, this creates a downward spiral.

No progressing means it’s easier for competitors to pass you by. But when you have direct access to the right team and expert strategic advice to go along with it, then you can take steps to reduce stress, leave stale tactics behind, and get your business moving towards renewed financial success.

At TBA, we’ve never been content with just “getting by,” and we don’t think you should have to be either.

Get in front of competitors and stay there.

Too many trade business owners believe that being in good shape today means that all you need to do is just “maintain” and then you’ll still be good later down the road. But in today’s cutthroat environment, staying in place means falling behind.

You must implement proactive strategies that ensure continued growth and continued profits if you want to outpace the competition. When your financials are not structured right, your business will have to work 10x harder than everyone else to get the same or worse result than if things were being done properly.

Which is why financial advisors are a strategic tool that can help you get in front and stay there. At TBA, it’s not just about helping you keep up. It’s about making sure you're ahead on everyone else.

We take nothing for granted, least of all the health of your business.

We see many contractors who think that if they just continue to ‘work harder’, then everything will work out. Is this you? Are you blissfully unaware of the dangers that may be lurking in your business due to your numbers, model, and performance?

If so, it’s probably because you’ve been conditioned to see accounting as a reactive process, simply fixing problems after they occur. But at TBA, we don’t believe in sitting by the sidelines waiting.

We give you proactive advice on your business model, pricing strategy, cash, monthly performance, quarterly profit game plans etc. to ensure your business is on track. And if trouble does appear, we clearly outline current risks and the plan to remediate them.

Plan today, conquer tomorrow.

For many business owners, accounting is looked at as an expense, not as a catalyst to achieve success. Many aren't planning ahead or paying attention to the impact of their financials on future initiatives or growth – only the here and now. This type of short-sighted approach only results in holding your business back when your numbers could be pushing you forward.

But TBA is not about to let you stay stuck in first gear. We’ll help you put a strategic plan in place, designed to match your current and future business/financial goals, and work with you proactively to make them happen.

With this type of forward-thinking approach, the money you allocate to your accounting and business advisory is an investment in future success instead of just a ‘necessary cost’.

More than support, we're teammates, partners and allies.

Accounting in your business should be so much greater than just a tax return. You deserve a team of trusted business and financial advisors in your corner that are supporting you and helping you to reach your goals faster.

When you outsource your financials to Trade Business Accountants, this is what you’ll experience. We work hard to provide proactive advice and guidance to ensure that you are confident in your business and armed with everything you need to push forward.

We’ll bring big firm talent, experience, and advisory at a small firm price. This is about relationships over transactions. We’re your teammates, partners, and allies, so, you can leave everything financial to us and focus simply on what you do best: running your business.

Meet the Trade Business Accountants team.

Our team have over 30+ years of hands-on experience across the trade, construction, property, and finance industries and over the years we’ve advised trade businesses anywhere from start up to $30 million in revenue (and even some of Australia’s largest developers and tier one builders). Outside of the trade industry, our team have also worked in with, advised and run (as CFOs and CEOs) large global companies valued up to $10B. Your industry is our industry, and we understand exactly how you need to set up, structure, and manage your trade business to win.

Warren Peachey


Over the last 30+ years, Warren has advised trade businesses anywhere from start up to $30M+ in revenue, to even some of Australia's largest builders, all in addition to successfully running his own 8-figure trade, consultancy, and finance businesses, across the B2G, B2B and B2C markets.

Neil Stephens CA


Neil is a globally experienced senior executive that’s put together billion-dollar mergers and acquisitions, and advised boards, shareholders, and business owners across a wide range of industries such as British Telecom, Cardno, and Port of Brisbane over the last 30+ years.

Alex Mora

Principal Tax Agent

Over the past 25+ years, as a Certified SAPEPA Advisor, Registered Tax Agent, Certified Xero Advisor, and expert in taxation and business law, Alex has been an accountant, advisor, and board member for a diverse range of companies ranging anywhere from start up to large corporates.

Georgina Williams CA

Client Advisor

Georgina is an experienced CFO that solves key financial and strategic issues for a wide range of industries. With a hands-on approach to finance, cash flow, profitability, and business growth, she drives positive financial performance for businesses anywhere from start-up to multinationals.

Kaylene Bryant

Wealth Protection Agent

Over the past 30+ years, as a Certified SAPEPA Advisor and Wealth Protection Specialist, Kaylene has worked with a wide range of companies, setting up structures to create financial legacy for business owners and their families, and helping them to grow their companies safely.

Bayley Peachey

Client Advisor

As an accountant with a background in construction, Bayley has specialist experience advising trade businesses anywhere from start-up to $20M+, helping clients to simplify financial management, increase business profitability and generate millions of dollars’ worth of additional sales.

Nita Ling CPA

Senior Bookkeeper

Over the past 30+ years, as a CPA, Xero certified specialist, management accountant and bookkeeper, Nita has extensive experience managing full finance functions of small to large businesses across a wide range of industries at a state, national and international level. 

Troy Larkham

Client Advisor

Troy has worked with trade and construction businesses throughout Australia, from start-up to $20M in revenue, advising as a specialist in marketing, sales, pricing, and implementing smart business systems, helping his clients to generate millions of dollars’ worth of additional sales.

More than just numbers, this is people's lives.

Trade businesses are the backbone of our nation. From the houses that shelter us, the schools that educate us, the hospitals that care for us, the stadiums that entertain us, the roads that guide us, to the infrastructure that powers us – it’s all a direct result of the hardworking people within our industry.

But sadly, when it comes to tax, accounting and bookkeeping, they’ve been left behind. They stress and worry about their taxes… They don’t know where their money’s going… They have no real clarity on their numbers… And they feel like they have nowhere to turn to for practical advice that makes sense… And now, our industry is suffering because of it. 

In fact, every 5 years in Australia 1 in 3 trade businesses turning more than $1M/year closes its doors. That's real businesses – real people – going under every single day. And we’ve seen first-hand the damaging effects. From the business owners to their employees, to their families… complete livelihoods are flipped upside down and torn apart.

That's why we believe accounting, tax, advisory and bookkeeping is about more than just numbers, this is people’s lives, and we damn well care about them.

The values we live by.

We like simple

The best things in life are simple. And we believe business can be simple if you make it that way.

Service matters 

Above all else, the rendering of personal service to do the most good in all that we do will be our legacy.

Go to eleven

We don’t half-ass anything. We always go the extra mile. We want to be known as the team that overdelivers.

Use good judgement

Being mediocre doesn’t cut it. We think. We discuss. We consider. We do what’s right for all. 

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