Why Tradies Need To Stop Trading Time For Money

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Hey, you…yes, you.

If you want more profit, wealth, and freedom.

I’ve got something BIG for you today.

*real footage of me before writing this post*

I’ll get to this something BIG in just a minute.

But first, a word of warning.

As business owners, we all want to be wealthy.

That’s why many of us went into business in the first place.

There’s no shame in that.

Instead of working for someone else, you’ll make money MUCH faster out on your own.

It’s a good plan… heck…. it’s even a great plan.

Only one little problem…

Industry data outlines out of 100 trade business owners by age 65 (retirement age):

  • 1 will be independently wealthy,
  • 4 will be financially secure,
  • 24 will be working out of necessity,
  • 40 will be reliant on handouts, and
  • The rest will have passed away...

Why you ask?

Old construction wisdom would say they’re “not working hard enough”…

That they’re “lazy and just not putting in enough hours”.

But a recent survey of hundreds of construction business owners found that:

  • 15% work 40 hours or less per week,
  • 50% work 40 to 60 hours per week, and
  • 35% work over 60 hours per week

And that when it comes to time off work:

  • 60% take less than 10 days off,
  • 20% take 11 to 15 days off, and
  • The remaining 20% take more than 15 days off

So the issue clearly isn’t that owners aren’t working hard enough…

The real issue is that they are!

You see, building wealth isn’t about how much money YOU make…

It’s about how much money YOUR MONEY makes.

This is the disconnect between wealthy business owners and everyone else.

Wealthy owners know they can’t outwork their money with their time.

So instead they get their money working hard for them.

Buying appreciating assets that grow their wealth with little investment of their time.

This way they move away from the ‘worker’ mentality of trading TIME for money.

And move towards the ‘owner’ mentality of trading MONEY for time.

Then eventually with enough investment they replace their ‘active’ income altogether with the ‘passive’ income produced by their assets:

This is the secret sauce… the golden goose… the ducks guts…

The key to building serious wealth and living a damn good life!

But don’t just take my word for it.

Listen to legendary investor worth over $116 billion (with a b) Warren Buffet…

“If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, then you’ll work until you die”

Sure, you can make good money from active income, I’m not debating that.

I’m simply saying wealth creation becomes more about what you choose to do with it.

Because if you’re not investing, your “RETURN ON TIME” isn’t very good.

You’re required to keep grinding away, year after year, to make an income for your family.

Forever trading TIME for MONEY.

But level with me...

Why are you in business?

Because you want to serve customers, manage employees, and have a place to go to work?

Is it your love of twisting wires, unblocking drains, or building stuff?

Sure, these might be influential factors…

But for most it should be to make a solid PROFIT, so you can build your EQUITY, which allows you to invest in assets that build your WEALTH.

Wealth you can then enjoy the benefits of for the rest of your life*

So start thinking about where you can invest your money to get time working hard FOR YOU.

It all starts with a simple plan…

WHAT are you going to do?

WHEN are you going to do it?

And HOW are you going to do it?

Too many trade business owners postpone dealing with their financial future until it’s too late.

They put their long-term goals behind short-term pressures and indulgences.

And then we hear the same sad story repeated over and over again.

“My business has really worn me out. I wish I had started investing sooner.”

But this doesn’t have to be you.

Choose to take control of your future, or let it control you.

If you want to be part of the top 5%, focus on finding and investing in wealth-building opportunities now.

Start small, invest wisely, and make good decisions.

You’ll thank me later.


Troy Larkham | Client Advisor

About the author

Troy has worked with trade businesses throughout Australia, from start-up to $20M, advising as a specialist in marketing, sales, pricing, and implementing smart business systems, helping his clients to generate millions of dollars’ worth of additional profit.

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